What We Do

The Bowery Presents can support our clients’ initiatives in the following ways:

Talent Buying

The Bowery Presents is an experienced and trusted voice with a wide range of artists, agents and managers and is exceptional at communicating brand and agency needs to artists and their representation, as well as booking artists for a variety of events and custom branded programming. The Bowery Presents will negotiate and execute all rights and clearances as defined by the campaign.

Custom Tour and Event Production

The Bowery Presents’ core competency includes the promotion and production of live concerts and events. These events can extend beyond the markets where the company currently has a physical presence (New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Portland, Maine, and the South with Atlanta and New Orleans). The Bowery Presents can buy talent, promote and produce events nationwide.

Branded Entertainment

Along with our production partners at LoveLive/Show Cobra, the opportunity exists to record an artist performing and then distribute that content in a variety of ways:

– Live/Live-Streaming: Video delivered to the digital distribution channel (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) of choice.

– Live-to-Tape Content: The Bowery Presents can seed any digital platform with appropriate custom content to promote a variety of marketing and promotional initiatives, as well as create archived content to extend viewership after an event.

– Digital Platform Consultation: The Bowery Presents has created original music programming for every leading-edge digital platform. Our wide expertise ranges from the creation of custom-branded YouTube channels (with associated media buys across YouTube) to exclusive artist-channel productions on Pandora, to live-streaming on Facebook Live, among many others. There are many options to explore and discuss.