The Bowery Presents – Pandora and Lipton Iced Tea

Presenting Sponsor: Pandora

In May 2011, Lipton Iced Tea teamed up with Pandora Radio to promote their new 100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea through a series of intimate, fans-only concerts. Lipton was hoping to have four of these shows with a different artist at each one, taking place in four key markets, the first of which being New York City. The goal of the concert series was to build a social media presence for the brand by allowing users to win tickets to these events by being involved in Lipton’s social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Lipton and Pandora chose to partner with The Bowery Presents for this NYC event, placing them in charge of finding and booking talent for the event, as well as finding and securing a suitable outdoor venue space in which to hold the event. The Bowery Presents was able to appeal to the “Transitioners” (independent men and women age 25-49) Lipton was wanted to appeal to by booking Train as the performer. The Bowery Presents also chose Pier 63, located on the West Side Highway at 22nd street, as the venue for the show, due to its foliage filled, natural landscape that compliments how Lipton’s new Iced Tea is also 100% natural.