Grain Audio

As Grain Audio mentions in their mission statement, “You buy a speaker to listen to your music, not to listen to the speaker.” That’s exactly the direction we headed in when Grain Audio solicited us to select artists and produce concerts showcasing their speakers and earphones, with the guiding principle of “And this ain’t your dad’s home speaker system.” Their new line of warm-sounding, low-profile Bluetooth-connected speakers are one of a kind and something everyone should own for the sake of portability, fashion and amazing sound.

The project took us on the road with the Heartless Bastards in Brooklyn and Philadelphia and included product activations, mover-and-shaker preparties, product integration and promotional content.

Furthermore, we had digital capture of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at The Sinclair in Boston, an amazing experience that expanded into social media via our many channels and continues to live on and deliver content beyond the event.

Click HERE for interview with Langhorne Slim.

Click HERE for interview with Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

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