AMP Energy Drink and The House List

Presenting Sponsor: AMP

From October 15th, 2010 to February 15th, 2011, AMP Energy Drink sponsored media space on both The House List blog and the Grow a Pair ticket-giveaway promotion, which occurs once a week on The House List. This sponsorship helped AMP reach its core target audience both online and in person as well as drive a combination of new and current TBP patrons to The House List and through our Web site/show schedule.

In addition to activation within The House List, TBP and AMP cobranded cling-on posters that communicated the Grow a Pair ticket giveaway and listed a handful of TBP’s upcoming shows. In an effort to drive potential patrons to our Web site, increase our blog and overall Web site–subscriber list, plus increase awareness of our upcoming shows, the cling-on posters were featured in approximately 700 delis in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn throughout the activation period.